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Love and Deepspace Limited Rewards!


Dear otaQoos,Participate in the Love and Deep Space Collectible Card Event for a chance to win exclusive gift packs.

You need to go to the event of "💘Handsome Men COLLECTION!Choose your true destined partner",find the corresponding mission to click 'go' ,collect all the cards to complete the mission, and the first 2,000 participants will receive a gift code.The number of participants on this event page is not within the winning range.

How to Redeem:

How to Redeem:After arriving in Linkon City, click on your avatar in the upper left corner of the main interface, click on [Settings - More - Redeem Code]

*The Redeem Code entrance will be unlocked after completing Main Story 1-9


1. The gift code is only redeemable on Android and can be only used once.

2. One account can only redeem one gift code

3. Get an exclusive virtual code – limited quantity of 2000, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

4. Gift codes will be issued based on the sequence of collecting cards. Not receiving a message indicates that they have all been claimed.

5. Please do not disclose your gift code, otherwise, it may be falsely redeemed by others.

6. Redeem period: 2/29 18:00(GMT+8)

Event Period:
Event Gifts:
  • Stamina*100, Gold*10,000
Number of Participants: 1020 / 2000
The event is either finished or full.