InicioEventos“Echocalypse” 1st Anniversary Part 2:💜Comment to pick Gifts and get the chance to draw extra rewards!

“Echocalypse” 1st Anniversary Part 2:💜Comment to pick Gifts and get the chance to draw extra rewards!
Echocalypse | SEA
RPG | Strategy | Card

This event is ended, thanks for your participation.

Congrats to these 30 otaQoos for winning the Code of “Echocalypse”!

Please go to "ACCOUNT" → "Notification" to receive your Code and redeem in the game.


80879416  QtaQoo 80879416

65826181  地狱前线

92456707  荒唐

91467355  柴钦豪

48975403  長門大喵

65651678  Some

77677459  雪de&梦*

74890868  baymax

88790473  蘅酱wink

92698268  Wilson Mendes

84980118  Viper朴到贤

89803281  LanLan

90734223  龗.

42235618  なべ底的old man

89278884  que li

68698054  诗羽家的子安

62346487  Grayson

37629834  Mikuの中二骑士

69891115  QtaQo 69891115

91409499  小海狸

81985614  邸颂翔

74037901  zzzd

55097039  不完全燃烧

86579665  晓

13328599 Michael Sheppard

75741814 cool紫

90084786 monster

20840516 黑心

89213753 浅戈

84672744 3^9``


“Echocalypse” 1st Anniversary Part 2💝

Comment on <Echocalypse> before 10/30 to get the exclusive event package - SSR Friendship Gift Selection Chest🎁

We will randomly select 30 participants to give away extra gifts- Iridimorphite*400💎!


🎁How to Redeem:

Enter the game "Echocalypse"→ Click the character avatar in the upper left corner → Click “Basic Data”→ Click “Redeem Code”→Enter the code.

Points to Note:

1. The gift code is only redeemable on Android and can be only used once.

2. Redeem period: until 2023/11/10 23:59.

3. The code will appear on the event page after you clicked join and commented on the game page.

4. Users can get redeem code no matter what the review score and content are. Be objective!

5. Please do not disclose your gift code, otherwise, it may be falsely redeemed by others.


- Winners will be announced within 7 days after the event ended, stay tuned!

- During the campaign, any user who violates QooApp Terms of Service will be terminated from the event WITHOUT notice, including but not limited to: Publish notes of obscene, sexual, violent, religious, political, racial, inciting, offensive or discrimination contents, etc that cause unpleasant vibes to the community.

-QooApp reserves the final rights to assign changes and explanations for this event as it deems necessary.

Duración del evento:
Regalos del evento:
  • SSR Friendship Gift Selection Chest*10
  • Iridimorphite*400(randomly select 30 participants)
Número de Participantes: 1586 / 3000
El evento ha terminado o esta lleno