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🟥THE WAR: Black Stone × QooApp Exclusive Pre-Registration Gifts!

THE WAR: Black Stone
Strategy | Roguelike
Pre-register 42442023Q4

Pre-register “THE WAR: Black Stone” right here right now to receive a QooApp-exclusive gift code!

You can use the code to get loads of goodies once the game is out!

How to Redeem:

Log in the game→Click the gift redemption button on the upper left→Enter the exchange code

Points to Note:

1. The gift code is only redeemable on Android and can be only used once.

2. Redeem period: until 2023/12/10.

3. Please do not disclose your gift code, otherwise, it may be falsely redeemed by others.

Event Period:
Event Gifts:
  • Reverse Dissociation Agent*20,Crystallized Reveries*40,Combat Manual*800,Metaphysical Purifier*2,000,Gene reinforcer*400
Number of Participants: 2192 / 3000
The event is either finished or full.