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Review “Ensemble Stars!! Music | QooApp Global” and get limited gift pack✦


Ensemble Stars!! Music QooApp Global ver. is here~

Write a review for Ensemble Stars!! Music | QooApp Global” to get event limited gift pack

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1. Users who already wrote a review can participate by edit and send the review you wrote.

2. Users who fail to redeem the code before 3/28 20:00 GMT+8, please try again in-game.

▍Redeem Method

Open Ensemble Stars!! Music | QooApp Global → Click the MENU in the top right corner → DATA ROOM → Coupon Code

▍Please note

  1. Each user can only redeem the limited gift pack by download and write a review for Ensemble Stars!! Music | QooApp Global within the event period.
  2. During the campaign, any user who violates QooApp Terms of Service will be terminated from the event WITHOUT notice, including but not limited to: Publish notes of obscene, sexual, violent, religious, political, racial, inciting, offensive or discrimination contents etc. that cause unpleasant vibes to the community.
  3. QooApp reserves the right of final interpretation and explanation.
Event Period:
Event Gifts:
  • Limited Gift Pack*5000
  • (Diamonds*100 + Small Pieces*10 + Medium Pieces*5 + Large Pieces*3 + Square Scout Tickets*30)
Number of Participants: 865 / 5000
The event is either finished or full.